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2023 RollKall Tax Information

Tax documents will be available in the RollKall mobile app 

As you prepare for tax season, you are likely pulling together the documents you need for the off-duty jobs you successfully worked in 2023. RollKall is here to help. Your tax document will be available in the mobile app by January 31, 2024, and you will receive your paper statement in the mail unless you opted in to receive your document as a digital file only. (You will receive a notification in January when the documents are available.) 

When filing taxes, keep in mind how you received payment:

Off-Duty Jobs Paid Through Payroll at My Agency

If you got paid for your off-duty work through your agency paycheck, then no action is needed. These earnings have already been reported to the IRS with your regular income and will show up on your W2.

Off-Duty Jobs Worked Through RollKall but Paid Directly by the Vendor

Any income paid directly to you by the vendor, like cash on the spot, needs to be reported but will not be included on your RollKall tax document.

Off-Duty Jobs Paid Through RollKall

Any jobs you were paid for through RollKall in 2023 need to be reported when you file taxes. But, RollKall makes it pretty simple. We combine all your earnings into one tax document.


How to access your 2023 RollKall tax documents 

When your document is available in the RollKall mobile app, please take these steps to access it. If you opted to receive a paper statement, it will be mailed to you on January 31. 2024.

When you receive an alert that your 2023 tax document is ready, open the RollKall App and login.
Once notified that your 2023 RollKall tax document is available, you will receive this notification to download the form from this screen.
If you need to access your tax document at any time after it is available, you can go to the RKPay screen and select the three dots in the top right corner.
You will be taken to this screen where you can download any existing tax documents.